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Terminal illnesses

By opting into hospice care, there may be some misconception that a patient is giving up by refusing treatments for their illnesses. However, this is not the case.

An important pillar of the philosophy of hospice care is giving the patient freedom of choice when it comes to the end of their life. Terminal illnesses may have treatments that can potentially extend the patient’s life, but they are often expensive and physically or mentally arduous.

Hospice Care: Is it Giving Up

By choosing hospice care, a patient and their family are choosing to enjoy the last months of the patient’s life in comfort. Here are a few additional benefits to choosing hospice care:

  • The family is given the resources and support they need during this transitional time that will ultimately help them to cope later on.
  • Patients can receive high-quality care that is likely covered by government programs or insurance.
  • The care team can provide spiritual and emotional closure for both the patient and their family.

It is important when a patient enters into hospice care for them to recognize that they have not given up, but have instead taken control over the remainder of their life and lived according to their own desires.