Primary Care Doctor

Advanced Treatment

Hospice physicians are responsible for giving you the vital care you need during the final weeks or months of life. They work with a large team of caregivers and hospice nurses to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible. They also give recommendations for care going forward. Hospice Group of Southern California gives you access to the expertise and skills of hospice physicians to give you the greatest care possible for you or your loved ones.

Hospice physicians often come from a variety of backgrounds in both personal life and their medical field of study. They all share the same goal of making patients as comfortable as possible, making sure suffering is kept to a minimum, and making quality medical recommendations catered to patient needs. Typical doctors often have 200+ patients, whereas hospice physicians stay flexible so they can see patients as often as necessary. They are also on-call in case the patient has a sudden change for the worse. They constantly communicate with patients, caregivers, and hospice nurses to see how the patient is doing and to give medical recommendations.

Hospice Physician

These physicians aren’t primary caregivers (this role should be fulfilled by a family member and/or a nurse), but they are vital elements of the team, and direct overall treatment for the patient. It’s a huge responsibility to watch over a person’s life, and hospice physicians take it very seriously.

Physicians have a duty to the health and safety of their patients, and see the easing of suffering as a high calling. If you or your loved ones have a need for compassionate hospice care around Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks, Antelope Valley, and/or surrounding areas such as North Hollywood, Thousand Oaks, Van Nuys, and Canoga Park, reach out to Hospice Group of Southern California. Our outpatient hospice care within the homes of patients gives emotional, spiritual, and physical support during this trying time. Please reach out to us with your questions and concerns.