Making the decision to stop any medication and treatment aimed at curing a condition is very hard. However, once you have made the decision, the comprehensive care and support both you and your family will receive will astound you. Better yet, your dedicated hospice team will be on your side during the whole journey.

Let’s take a look at how home hospice care works for dying patients.

Getting Started on Hospice

Once either you or your loved one has chosen hospice care and your doctor also agrees with it, a member of our excellent hospice team will call you in order to schedule a visit to your home and admit you into hospice.

The admission will be completed by a nurse. Sometimes, a nurse will be accompanied by a social worker. Depending on the agency, the nurse who admits you won’t always be the primary nurse assigned to you.

Getting into a Rhythm

Now, it is all about getting into a good rhythm because the first few days of hospice care can often be very overwhelming with meeting new people, deliveries, new information, and the stress of the implementation process. However, you will soon after remembering why you opted for hospice care.

Together with your intelligent hospice team, including nurses and physicians, you will find a schedule that suits you to allow rhythm into your hospice care life. A plan of care will be developed and reassessed regularly in order to get the best out of hospice care. This way, the entire process will be as easy as possible for absolutely everyone involved.

When a Crisis Occurs

It is important to know that it is extremely rare for anyone who is living with a terminal illness in hospice care to get through it without an infection, pain crisis, or some sort of challenges that make the current care plan difficult or interrupt it.

The hope behind it all is that by having a hospice nurse available and on your side, you can easily get effective and fast help while staying at home. If you experience any challenges, call hospice. Hospice care can make it far easier to receive the care you need.