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Hospice Care

Having special needs can impact the overall hospice care plan that is decided upon by the patient’s loved ones and hospice care team. Depending on the patient’s exact special needs or disabilities, there may be greater complications with bodily function and mental awareness.

A patient with special needs may experience more severe symptoms related to whatever terminal illness they have, depending on how their additional disabilities affect their physical and mental functionality.

If a Patient Has Special Needs, Does It Affect Hospice Care

Seek Specialized Treatment

In the case of a patient having special needs, it may be ideal to seek out a hospice provider that offers professionals within the disability field. There are many nurses out there that specialize in treating patients with special needs.

Having special needs should not be a barrier to receiving high-quality hospice care; it may just require a more intensive plan. Additionally, it may be more difficult to carry out an entirely at-home care system, depending on the severity of the patient’s needs.

By seeking hospice treatment specialized for patients with special needs, the family of the patient can rest assured that their loved one is in good and capable hands.