Virtual Care

Telecare hospice is the process of delivering care for hospice patients virtually. Thanks to modern videoconferencing software, it’s easier than ever to have a virtual consultation with a doctor. In a video call, a doctor can give medical advice, respond to emergencies, or check up on a patient’s general welfare.

Telecare Hospice

Benefits of Hospice Telecare

There are many reasons why hospice patients and families may need or want to take advantage of telecare.

  • Telecare allows a direct line to a doctor at any time of day. If there is a sudden emergency, the doctor can be informed right away and give appropriate instructions before arriving at the scene in person.
  • It allows doctors and other hospice staff such as nurses and chaplains to meet with more patients per day. By cutting down on travel time, telecare frees up extra time for these essential personnel to interact directly with patients.
  • It may be advisable for safety reasons in certain situations. For example, in pandemic conditions, telecare lowers the odds that hospice personnel can inadvertently spread disease to patients.

Whatever the reason, Hospice Group of Southern California can help you set up a telecare system with minimal effort.

How Hospice Telecare Works

Our staff is committed to making the telecare process as easy and user-friendly as possible. We are knowledgeable on a variety of different videoconferencing systems such as Skype and Zoom, and can train the patient and their caregivers on using these platforms.

A virtual consultation works exactly like an in-person consultation, just over a screen. It can be run on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. If the patient is bedridden, a screen can be set up by their bedside.

During a typical, non-emergency consultation, the doctor will check in on the patient, asking if they’ve been experiencing any new medical issues, and gauge the progress of any present conditions. If there is a need to visit in person, they can still do so, and the patient can switch back and forth between videoconferencing and in-person visits at will.

Telecare is also a great way to connect with hospice chaplains and therapists for counseling sessions, check-ups, or spiritual comfort. It can allow friends and family members who live elsewhere and are unable to visit a way to stay involved. Whoever the patient wants to connect with, Hospice Group of Southern California will help to make it happen.

If you are interested in hospice telecare, please contact us so we can begin taking the first steps.