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Palliative Nursing

It’s important to have a compassionate and qualified hospice nurse during end of life care. The Hospice Group of Southern California has a team of talented nurses that will make you as comfortable as possible and assist loved ones during this difficult time. We follow specific steps to ensure you have a hospice nurse that suits your personal needs and will give you the high-quality care you deserve.

All hospice nurses are RNs that complete specific field training focused on hospice care. All of them either have an AND (Associate’s Degree in Nursing), a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), or a Master’s in Hospice and Palliative Nursing. Their coursework covers pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, nursing skills, health assessments, etc.

Hospice Nurse Palliative Care

A trained nurse is fully equipped for any situation that could arise in the course of hospice care. They are flexible and adaptable and have the ability to react to all possible emergency situations. They are focused on maintaining patient comfort and quality care, and keep a strong line of communication between you and your loved ones, as well as all hospice staff that are working with you. They are also trained in ethics and seek consent of all treatment undertaken with you. If any issue arises in your physical or medical condition during hospice care, the nurses immediately alert the physician working with you.

The nurse you’re working with will be resilient and sympathetic, with the emotional stability and physical rigor necessary to assist you at all times. You’re in the right hands at Hospice Group of Southern California, as our compassionate and qualified nursing staff is always there for you. Your happiness and comfort are our top priority. Get in contact with us right away if you seek hospice care for yourself or loved ones in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Ventura County, Simi Valley, Antelope Valley, or surrounding areas including La Crescenta, North Hollywood, Thousand Oaks, and Van Nuys. We will put you in contact with a hospice nurse right for you.

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